Thursday, July 18, 2013

Your feedback and Statements are always. Welcome.

My statistics on this blog, shows that there is a fairly high rate of visits to this site. Since I opened it a years or so ago. I has had over 1,500 visits or so a year.  My stats do not state whether your are visiting by mistakes, or you are actually reading the articles. But I would surely welcome what
you have to say. Whether you agree with me or not. I try not to take my "believes" very seriously
although I take it with commitment to the improvement of.

I am in the process of reading a book that has been confirming quite a  bit of what I think about
our current Rehabilitation of Substance Use Treatment.  The book is "Inside Rehab.: The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment-and How to Get Help That Works" by Anne Flesher not written by
a professional but by an investigative reporter.  She is quite nice about some of the error that these
rehabilitation facilities are doing. I would be a lot more confrontative given the fact of the devastation that they can cause in patients lives. Too frequently some (not all of these) facilities make rules, regulations, and policies that are based for the facilities conveniences not for the best interest of the patients.  And they can do quite a bit of damage in individuals if they have not done it in large groups of people

So do me a favor, and react to some of these articles that I place in this blog. AS YOU MAY NOTE, not of all of the articles are written by me. I give credit and they are written by other sources.


  1. Thanks for the post. I am going to a mental health rehabilitation place and I have had a great experience. I hope that something turns around for you.

    1. Mia mental health rehabilitation does a lot better than most treatment facilities for substance use disorder. Am certainly glad that your experience have been great. My concern is not so much about me, but about the bamboozle that many patients can be in. I suggest that we shouldn't except things at face value and being skeptical is not so wrong. Mental Health is definitely better than drug treatment. You at least get quite a bit of empathy, while in drug treatment they think that mean spirited confrontation is some kind of modality. However research has shown time and time again that clinicians get a lot better results from empathy than from confrontation. (William Miller, University of New Mexico Handbook of Alcoholism 2003).Read other of my blog, I am not anti psychiatry or anti mental health I do not differentiate myself from that profession. Am a professional that has been misinformed and I could tell, but since this treatment was not my expertise advantage was taken. It is not always what it seems. And when they provide religion and call it treatment I have quite a bit of difficulty with it.

  2. In 2007, drug rehab Foundation expanded to include a prison program where Cenikor gained more than five years of experience. It formed an alliance with Odyssey House Texas in 2010 to provide short-term residential treatment for adolescents. In 2011, Lake Charles, LA, welcomed new leadership in a medical-detoxification and short-term residential facility.

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