Friday, October 26, 2012

Not Enough Smokers Using Combination of Treatment to Quite

Many people fail to quit smoking because they do not use existing treatments, or don't use them in the most effective way, according to a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Combining behavioral support with medication improves the chances of success, the report notes.

This comes to you from: JOIN TOGETHER Website. I am a skeptic when it comes to 
the Join Together and the Drug Free Community and all the other up-shoots (I 
believe funded the feds). When they first established, there was not much existing 
research or surveys. As any good not so ethical or ignorant social service organization 
they did their best to justify their existence.  They figured bad and dangerous drugs 
most be accompany by bad and dangerous statistics. So they out right made up some
estimates  that were inflated and misinforming guesstimates, making every business 
man shiver and every citizen scare to their wits.  Alone comes Dr. Kent Holtorf, although 
a bit controversial himself. In his cleverly named book "U r in Trouble", he report his 
discoveries that in fact the numbers created by the Drug Free Workplace where over 
inflated and outright wrong. In fact, as it is often true some of the number were outright 
reversed. Since, the Drug have improved on their practice although they continue to 
produce articles that requires a double maybe a triple check.

In a few weeks I will write a post about the University of Miami Quite Smoke Program and my
experience with them. Prior to my experience with the University of Miami, my ability to stay
abstinent from cigarets was less much less than 12 hours

This weblog is not only about discovering the incompetency and snake oil sales to the naive
patients. It also provides information about treatment approach that has been shown through
research that it is safe and has better outcome.  The modality may not yet shown to have
high rate of effectiveness, but it is looking through research to find other approaches and 
progression should be expected as more is known about the conditions .and how to stay 
quite. Total abstinence may not be the only measurable result. Researchers will also look 
if there is a significant decrees in the risk behavior.


The University of Miami Quite Smoke Program