Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Report Outlines Global Strategy to Reduce Harmful Drinking

As you all may know I am quite impressed with the work of Dr. Willenbring and his blog. So when I see appropriate article in this blog (or any other location for that matter) I added to this blog to support this Dr. Willenbring exposure in the internet and advocate for his type of work and the reduction of harm from this profession. I am becoming more and more fearful of the power that psychiatry and psychology type professionals can have on the general population. My concerns are about ethical (or I mean lack of ethics), I have been observing from my colleagues. It is unfortunate; I do not think they are bad people (although there are some that do a lot more harm than good). There is a lot of it that is inadvertent, but as Dr. Scott Lilienfeld call it "Joyfully Oblivious" to their ignorance of the science they propone to follow. The fact is that not many of professionals in this field have been trained on any science. So much of what they say is based on personal experience, hunches and intuitions that they dress up with the signs of science, but they do not follow standards required by the rest of the health related professions. There are a growing number of patients and professionals who are demanding EVIDENCE BASED treatment. In the United States we have been talking about science based treatment for perhaps the last 30 or more years, but as far as I can tell we are not even close to starting to implemented it because the ignorance of science and understanding of it's standards. Even the professional organizations and the licensing board of many of the states are lost when it comes to science and science based treatment protocols. Dr. Willenbring brings it to reality and is a modal for what science base treatment and best practice is about. You should consider subscribing to Substance Matter: Science and Addiction.


Fortunately enough for patients, I think this inclusion of science in Psychology is a growing trend, and he is not the only one.  For me, it is not growing fast enough. The legacy that the majority of the profession is leaving for posterity is not going to be going to be noble, respectable and something to be admired by history. History will not absolve them from the harm that is being cause today.

Here, introducing to you again today- Dr. Willenbring.

New Report Outlines Global Strategy to Reduce Harmful Drinking
Mark Willenbring, MD at Substance Matters: Science and Addiction - 2 weeks ago

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