Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Report Outlines Global Strategy to Reduce Harmful Drinking



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New Report Outlines Global Strategy to Reduce Harmful Drinking
Mark Willenbring, MD at Substance Matters: Science and Addiction - 6 days ago

New Report Recommends Public Health Focus on Harmful Drinking vs. Eliminating Consumption**** Tuesday, February 26, 2013**** International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) **** Findings Run Counter to Current Public Health Approach, Discredit Traditional Perspectives**** WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire) - The traditional public health perspective on alcohol and noncommunicable diseases is indicted in a new report from the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP). "Alcohol misuse and global health: The case for an inclusive approach to harmful drinking" discredits the tradi... more »


  1. Drinking alcohol is very dangerous and it make week the body and cause diseases.Florida Intervention Services

    1. Yes I agree with you. Many substances can be dangerous including water drink
      too much you drown or become over hydrated.

      Alcohol <I believe it to be an Arabic word) is perhaps the most dangerous substance available. Yet it is glorify and made substantially available. Under moderation there does not seem to be much of a problems (unless you are a fundamentalist religious person who believes that alcohol drinking is a sin no matter how much you consume), but when abuse it can cause a lot of problem for people. However, we do not seem to be very good at getting people that abuse or become dependent on it very difficult to get these people to abstain from such use.

      I like to know how many people out of 100 were has Florida been able to get people to stop. I and many other people are suggesting that if they can stop. Perhaps a reasonable and public health service is to get those abusers to either drink less, or to take better care of themselves and many other strategies.

      We are frequently powerless about how abusive individuals tends to operate. I say is much better to keep people in the health system, than to antagonist them and loose them all together. If you have an empathetic relationship with the patient, and they finally get that you care and you are not up to manipulating them in your interest and not there's you might be able to influence.

      If we act like know it all, and act confrontationaly and problematically we are a lot more likely to loose them. I don't know about you, but I am in the health field, not in public relations.

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