Saturday, December 14, 2013

Florida Medicaid not paying for Suboxone Bupernorphine?


Am being told by patients in Miami and South Florida that Medicaid is no longer paying for Suboxone  Treatment. I was told by Dr. Jeffery Kamlet told me that this was so, but I do not have the details if this for all patients or is this just an issue that one needs prior authority.

It it so that Florida Medicaid is refusing to pay for doctor and medication. Please leave me a post and/or write me to my email.

The only information I have found so far is this application for prior approval

I think there maybe a violation and perhaps the ACLU maybe interested in looking at it. or some
other attonies.

All I am getting from the internet is the usual list of doctors in Florida,

I have a strong impression of the healthcare management program that you most obtains approval for Suboxone and other similar medication maybe strong bias toward patients seeking maintains with Suboxone. People in Mental Health are not well known for reading research.

There is too much outright prejudice, and discrimination toward these types of patients.  Just because they are license does not mean they are protecting patients.

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