Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Junkies Unite For YOUR Civil Rights.

"Unai Unai" says some "graffitists’ in the streets of Miami, Florida. Is a Latin way of saying Unite Unite, as we begin to see graffiti saying "Junkies Unite 4 ur civil, constitutional and patients' rights". There was a song in Spanish that went Unai Unai, meaning the United States, but I do not remember how the rest of it goes. Moms United to End the War on Drugs - A New PATH

What is it about governments who without evidence of harm or victims decide to take on a population of their own citizens and establish that they are criminals? One of the most damaging aspects of the war on drugs is the spread of governments endorsed misinformation about drugs.

The government has taken the position of misinformation so far and their political repression and oppression keeps many from speaking favorably about what they think should be done. This
repression reminds me of dictatorial relationship between the government and oppositions in Latin American Countries where the left (as well as the right did decades ago) suppressed free thinking and democratic ideas.

The War on Drugs has amongst many of its historic events, many issues of racism. These articles
sponsor by Florida International University " The War On Drugs Is Nothing But Institutionalized Racism" by a Dylan Ratigan

discusses some of the current statistics. But its history goes back to the 1st Anti-Drug laws in the
United States.

Hidden between the pages of history of the anti-drug laws, is the fact that the early anti-drug laws where based on racism and they were not concern about anyone’s wellbeing or health. You would think that legislators might have learned this by now. Here is the beginning of another article written by a Federal Judge:

The first anti-drug law in our country was a local law in San Francisco passed in 1875. It outlawed the smoking of opium and was directed at the Chinese because opium smoking was a peculiarly Chinese habit. It was believed that Chinese men were luring white women to have sex in opium dens. In 1909 Congress made opium smoking a federal offense by enacting the Anti-Opium Act. It reinforced Chinese racism by carving out an exception for drinking and injecting tinctures of opiates that were popular among whites.

The Drug Policy Foundation has also noted the inequality as to the Race and the War on Drugs.

When we base our models and ideas for policies, legislation, regulations and laws on misinformation propaganda and prejudices the outcomes are a similar product. Most of us have heard the long-standing notion "Garbage In, Garbage Out".  Meaning if you input bad data into a computer nothing else can come out but a bad product or outcome. It is logical. 

I assert that we are making extremely bad policy decisions because they are based on bad information.  Most European countries (even our enemies like Iran) have decided to go their own way and treat their persons with substance use problems with much more humanity than we do. Their results, and more in Hollan than any other country in the world, are convivial to the persons with the problem and applaudable to the government for being more tolerant than in the United States.  Hollan seems to have learned from their experience with the most intolerating government of Nazi facism back in the 1940s.

The reason we continuo to have a major drug problem in the United States is because we have not come up with good solutions. Ours are stubbernly narrowminded. Susan Sarandon says in her writings. “The war on drugs is ridiculous, because you’re only getting—you’re spending a huge amount of money. It’s completely racist. You’re picking up everybody at the lower level because mandatory minimum drug laws let you trade in to get off, so if you don’t have anyone to trade in, if you’re at the bottom, you’re going to jail,” read the whole piece.
Susan Sarandon Says War on Drugs is RACIST

I heard that Obama has promised or spoke about declaring the War on Drugs over. I have not found any information on this except people wanting it to happen. I have yet to see an article confirming Barak Obamas commitment to end the War on Drugs.

We need to say it loud.

OBAMA PLEASE STOP THIS DAMN WAR ON DRUGS, it is hurting most people including our communities and innocent persons.  And persons that are in the "grip of addiction" all it does is provide irreversable harm in terms of felony convictions that can never be errase from the record and contnues to hunt them when they try to recover.  Most people under these conditions do nothing other than resign themselves to this bad policies and laws and make their lives bad.

If their is a poduct that is well documented is the racism behind this war on drugs, but legislators continuo to turn a deaf ear and blind eyes to these facts. They think that by being hard on addicts and on everyone involve eventually this war will be won. Yet the evidence is that it is getting worse not better.  The evidence of the last 30 decades at least tell us so.

We can not get worse by being more humani to persons with substance use disorder. Treatment effective treatment is no doubt a much better alternative than prisons.

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