Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Does Relapse rate increase during holidays.

From Substance Matter by Dr. Mark Willenbring

It is the grand believe of 12 Step Programs that the Holydays is a great risk to alcoholics and people
with substance dependences.  Here is a study on that matter.

Do relapse rates rise around the holidays?
Mark Willenbring, MD at Substance Matters: - 1 week ago

Many people assume that the time between Thansksgiving and the winter solstice holidays are the most difficult time of the year for people in recovery. Temptations are harder to avoid, what with office and holiday parties, family gatherings, and so forth. Many people with alcohol dependence come from families with many heavy drinkers, so alcohol may be flowing freely, and there may be others who are intoxicated. (Ever notice how boring and obnoxious intoxicated people can be if you're not intoxicated yourself?) So cue-induced craving is certainly an issue, whether your cues are vis... more »

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